There is nothing new about businesses donating to charities. However, despite the added benefit of being tax deductible, there is more that a business can do to positively impact the community, and the payoff has a more long-term reach than donating a sum of money.

Putting a face with the business

The long held perception of businesses is that they are faceless entities with dollar signs in their eyes. With the advent of social media, the public desires businesses that are in touch with people and do not have practices that adversely impact their communities. By publicly demonstrating the willingness to “pitch in” and help the community, a business becomes more human. This can go on to create strong relations with the public and make them more inclined to use your services and products.

Your business as a public leader

When businesses decide to help out the community, or announce drastic changes from within that will improve the quality of life for their employees, other companies take notice and follow suit. All it takes is one company to take a stand or realize that there are improvements to be made and commit to them, and the public will remember them, no matter how many other follow. In fact, many potential customers may use what you do for the community as the mark by which they measure others.

Marketing outlets

Another way to become more visible in the public’s eye is to partner with existing charities and fundraising events. This will get your name and business logo on marketing materials for charities. This will be disseminated through social media channels and soon your company will be positioned as one of the businesses helping to make a difference. This goes a long way to connecting with the public and showing them that you want to make a difference.

Roll up your sleeves

Every once in a while, it makes sense to get out in the public and do some hard work. There are a number of charity organizations that are more than happy to take a monetary donation, but also really appreciate those people who are willing to get out there and do things like donate blood, help rebuild houses, clean up public parks, etc. By showing that your intentions go beyond money, and putting yourself (or a small team of employees) out there during these events, you can garner a lot of good will and positive public interest, which can be converted into sales later on.