Trade Shows

Trade shows provide the ideal venue to meet with people in your own industry, generate sales leads, and learn about the latest trends coming down the line. However, many business owners end up standing in their booths watching people walk by for the majority of trade shows, rather than drumming up interest and engaging the gathering masses. Fortunately, there are a few simple tricks everyone can use to become the star of every trade show and convention.

Practical freebies

Trade shows are full of business owners handing out free things with their company logos emblazoned upon them. The bad thing is that most of these things are thrown out or put by the wayside within a week after most trade shows draw to a close. Not many people can make use of a tiny frisbee, a foam ball, or cardboard coasters. The smart approach is to hand out practical things at trade shows that people will keep with them, and work as reminders of who you are and what your business does. Pens, mouse pads, inexpensive thumb drives, bottle openers – all of these are practical and people do not like to get rid of practical things. This type of SWAG will keep your business in the minds of attendees.


Everyone appreciates a good storyteller, but at trade shows, words do not carry much water. By setting up a demonstration of your products and services, you will draw in a crowd. If possible, make the demonstration a hands-on experience so people can see how things work up close and personal. The better the demonstration, the more sales you are likely to generate right there on the convention floor.

Get a booth designed by professionals

Your can have the greatest business with revolutionary products and services, but if you are just a person standing behind a podium, not many people are going to walk up and engage you. Spend a little money to have a professionally-designed booth – preferably one you can use at multiple trade shows. You do not have to go “all in” for flashing lights, bell, whistles, and a dance stage – but get a booth made that shows off your company’s logo, and possibly a few of your products. There are a few companies out there that specialize in designing booths for trade shows, and their products always draw a crowd.

Trade shows provide the perfect stage for business owners to build their customer base without spending money on massive marketing campaigns. By following the guidelines above, you will always have heavy traffic at your booth.