If you’re at the helm of a business, you’re used to making decisions about how money should be spent and allocated. Perhaps you’ve heard good things about unsecured business lines of credit, but you’re not exactly sure how your company would benefit from one. Here are a few ideas.

Companies that fail to promote themselves often don’t last. It’s surprising to see how many organizations lose business to the competition. Despite what some have been led to believe, most enterprises don’t attract customers by the simple gesture of opening their doors and putting up a sign. Perhaps you’re planning to budget funds for advertising in the coming months, or maybe you regularly pay for ads but would like to build a campaign around a new offering. Successful business people tend to view marketing like planting seeds. A farmer who wants crops can’t rely on chance for success.

Are you a hospitality industry entrepreneur? There are lots of opportunities to build thriving businesses by providing lodging and food services. If you’ve already had success in one venture, perhaps you’re thinking about opening another location across town. Many restauranteurs like to open separate outlets to explore their creativities or try out a new concept on a particular crowd. Regional hotel chains with good reviews and competitive pricing are often able to take a significant market share from national mainstays. Hospitality isn’t the only sector to take advantage of unsecured business lines of credit, though. Storage facilities, retail stores, gymnasiums and medical clinics can also expand by means of short-term cash boosts.

Today’s technologies are ever-changing, and business owners who don’t keep up have often been left behind. When a company is pinched for cash and needs new computers, software or peripherals, its owners are left with making hard choices. Many who have been successful with employing technology to work efficiently view their equipment purchases as if they were infrastructure investments. These objects shouldn’t be confused with toys, as they’re key to the successful operation of an organization. The same goes for machinery and vehicles. Those who take advantage of unsecured business lines of credit have been able to prevent costly breakdowns by replacing aged equipment before catastrophic failures occurred.

The above are just a few ways that businesses have been able to leverage flexible financial tools to their benefit. Whether your goal is to grow, recover from loss or invest in an area where your resources have been historically scarce, a line of credit is a great way to get access to fast cash.