Exclusive Financing for Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare financing from Perfect Alliance Capital offers a convenient and flexible solution for most healthcare professionals. If you are a dentist, doctor, chiropractor or veterinarian, you may be eligible for our financing. We offer working capital loans as well as financing for specific purposes, such as practice acquisitions.

Versatile Practice Loans

healthcare-financingOur practice loans are the ideal solution if you are looking for funding that can be used at your discretion. These loans, which feature terms up to 72 months and require no money down, are not reported to personal credit bureaus.

You can apply your loan toward various purposes, from satisfying personal needs to consolidating practice debt. We can offer up to $72,000 based solely on your application. If you can provide financial statements, you may receive as much as $250,000.

Other Financing Options

If you have a specific practice improvement in mind, we also offer more specialized financing. We can help you cover the following costs:

  • Medical equipment leasing. Our program offers various payment options and covers up to half of soft costs. We can arrange your lease and loan simultaneously.
  • Practice buyouts or acquisitions. We may be able to provide full financing to help you can gain more control over your current practice or buy into a new practice.
  • Consolidating debt. We need just seven days to combine your existing debt into a manageable monthly payment.

Regardless of the type of financing that you require, we will do our best to accommodate your needs and minimize delays during the application process.

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