Tailored Financing Up to $500 Million for Mergers and Acquisitions

At Perfect Alliance Capital, we understand the importance of securing the optimal form of financing for an upcoming merger or acquisition. You can always count on us to quickly secure funding to cover even the highest-value deals. More importantly, though, you can trust us to find the ideal merger or acquisition financing for your company and for your deal.

Customized Solutions

mergersOur lending capabilities range from $100,000 to $500 million. Regardless of the value of your deal, we will never offer you a generic financing solution that is poorly suited to your merger or acquisition. We take time to understand your company and the one that you are acquiring. We thoroughly investigate all of the following aspects of the new company:

  • Assets that can be used to the benefit of your company
  • Projected future revenue and resources
  • Overall industry position
  • Current liabilities

We always look for ways to take advantage of the resources that you are acquiring. This allows us to give you more financing options while minimizing the loss of your own resources

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