Perfect Alliance Capital understands the challenges facing Chicago, IL businesses when it comes to accessing unsecured lines of credit. Traditional lending sources and credit providers require capital from small business owners in order to access even the most basic lines of credit. Because of this, our team is dedicated to providing the best unsecured business lines of credit to Chicago, IL businesses to cover a wide range of funding requirements. Our unsecured lines of credit offer the most flexible solutions at very competitive rates.

Unsecured Credit For New Businesses

Over the past few years, we have seen a shift in traditional lending institution adopting prohibitive requirements for new and small businesses. Chicago business owners are considered to be too risky to extend unsecured lines of credit, or they are given with very high interest rates. Perfect Alliance Capital is committed to the premise that a strong economy is built on the prosperity of small businesses. To this end, we have created special unsecured credit programs for businesses that have been in operation for less than two years. Getting access to extra capital has never been easier for Chicago area business owners. Our unsecured credit policy does not place a strain on business finances. If your business does not meet our qualifications, we can provide alternative funding solutions which will not endanger your current financial standing.

Unsecured Business Loans For Chicago, IL

Perfect Alliance Capital can structure unsecured business loans for Chicago-based entrepreneurs based on our financial analysis. This unsecured loans program offers:

  • Between $25,000 and $100,000 to businesses with under two years of operating history, and an owner or partner in good credit standing
  • Between $100,000 and $500,000 for established companies with qualifying credit and financials, as well as revenue ranging from $1 million to $10 million
  • Lines of credit with 1 to 5 percent interest rates over prime
  • Credit card solutions with zero percent financing

No Collateral Is Necessary

Perfect Alliance Capital works directly with Chicago businesses across all industries to provide the best unsecured business lines of credit. Unlike traditional lenders, we offer unsecured lines of credit without requiring business owners to provide collateral or place their assets on the line to access the working capital they need. We look at your current business credit profile, the size of your business, and its profitability to structure unsecured business liens of credit to help meet your goal, and ensure long-term success. Many of our unsecured lines of credit require little or not collateral to access funding, no matter how long your company has been in operation.

Find Out More About Our Zero-Collateral Loans And Unsecured Business Lines Of Credit 

If you own a new or small business in Chicago, IL and would like an unsecured line of credit, contact Perfect Alliance Capital today. We offer a zero-obligation pre-qualification application which only takes minutes to complete. Our team of financial professionals can help you get the ball rolling by assessing your current financial situation and providing a wide range of financing options.