Monthly Archives: February 2016

Overlooked Sources of Business Credit for Entrepreneurs

It is essential for businesses to have access to lines of credit. These open up additional financing sources for small and medium purchases, plus they allow businesses to build strong...... Read More

Great Rates Are Part Of Our Business!

Although we are known as the place to go when you have been denied, did you know that 70% OF THOSE DENIED LOANS END UP WITH GOOD CONVENTIONAL RATES? That’s...... Read More

Can Patient Financing Improve Your Practice’s Cash Flow?

The healthcare industry is one of the few with many expenses that continues to provide much needed services to their clients, regardless of whether or not patients can pay their...... Read More

3 Step Guide to Managing Accounts Receivable

Managing accounts receivable can seem like a rather scattered process, if a business “plays it by ear,” rather than implementing the tools necessary to keep things under control. Tracking aging...... Read More

Construction Financing For Ground Up Projects

Ground up construction projects are no small feat. Everything from blueprints to contractors, subcontractors, supplies, specialized equipment, and more can run into a large upfront cash outlay, plus additional costs...... Read More