Monthly Archives: January 2016

Using Stated Income To Finance Your Next CRE Project

Commercial real estate investors understand that when a potentially lucrative opportunity comes along, action needs to be taken. Unfortunately, the initial investment cost cannot always be covered with the amount...... Read More

Skyrocket Your Cash Flow with Invoice Financing

Maintaining a healthy and steady cash flow can often be a challenge for new and small business owners. Loan payments, utilities, and other expenses remain constant, while payment from customers...... Read More

Building Better Business Credit

Having a healthy business credit rating allows businesses to access larger financing options, lower interest rates, an bigger lines of credit. However, building good business credit involves a bit more...... Read More

4 Things to Know Before Seeking Commercial Real Estate Financing

As an entrepreneur, you’ve surely already done a huge amount of research into your market and observed what others have done to sell products and services successfully over the years....... Read More

The Advantages Of Equipment Leasing

Many business owners think that equipment leasing is reserved only for those businesses with slim budgets and do not want to add to their list of assets. While equipment leasing...... Read More