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Take the Headache Out Of Business Accounting 

Just because you have what it takes to make a successful business, doesn’t always mean that accounting is a strong suit of yours. Business accounting is a hard subject to understand if you did not go to school to learn... Read More

Why Your Business Needs Unsecured Lines Of Credit 

If you’re at the helm of a business, you’re used to making decisions about how money should be spent and allocated. Perhaps you’ve heard good things about unsecured business lines of credit, but you’re not exactly sure how your company would benefit... Read More

Can Stated Income Loans Work For Your Next Property Investment? 

Stated income loans have been causing a stir. Banks that offer these products promote them as an appealing alternative to traditional mortgages. Many wonder, though, if these loans are fit for property investors. Those who purchase real estate to turn a profit tend to fall... Read More

A step by step guide to starting your own business 

Starting your own business out of a dream or passion you have can be a great experience and can make you feel more accomplished. You may have a great idea or a drive to do something, but you may not... Read More

The Best Sources For Small Business Loans 

At some point in any growing business, you’ll likely need a loan to cover building and operating costs, capital growth and unforeseen expenses. Fortunately, there are a number of resources for small business loans that can help keep your business... Read More

How to Find the Right Property Management Company 

If you own rental property, you may get to a point where you want to hire a management company to help with some of the workload. Hiring someone skilled in property management opens you up to focus more on other... Read More

How to Improve your Small Business’ Cyber Security 

Cyber security is something that everyone should be concerned with, especially small business owners. Statistics show that hackers are more likely to target small businesses, probably because the smaller and newer businesses may have defenses that are easier to break... Read More

Construction Lending is STILL READILY AVAILABLE!

A LOT of money is still available for construction projects. Although most banks and institutions are scaling back their LTC’s (Loan to Cost) because of how far along we are in the business cycle, private money lenders and bridge lenders are... Read More

The Top 5 Commercial Real Estate Financing Methods 

Properties are changing hands nationwide. Buyers are restoring and repurposing buildings to meet the needs of today’s businesses. While few commercial real estate transactions are handled with cash, there are some creative ways to meet the needs of sellers. Here are... Read More

Improve Your Business Credit Score in 3 Simple Steps 

There is a lot of work and planning that goes into running a successful business. One thing that can help you with your company by creating better opportunities is maintaining a high business credit score. There are some ways in... Read More