Monthly Archives: March 2016

4 Small Business Loans for Commercial Real Estate Projects

Whether you are a commercial real estate investor looking at property to generate revenue, or you are a small business owner scouting out real estate for your headquarters, the cost of acquisition usually requires some form of outside funding. Fortunately... Read More

Using Small Business Loans for CRE Investments

Finding the right financing for commercial real estate investments can be challenging, to say the least. Most bank loans will not work with independent investors, and the requirements on traditional bank loans are often very restrictive, leaving many people dipping... Read More

The Fastest Road to Unsecured Credit for Entrepreneurs

Getting unsecured credit is essential to every new and small business. Having lines of unsecured credit makes accessing extra capital for purchases so much easier than fighting through red tape for banks loans for extra funding. Additionally, utilizing unsecured credit... Read More

Large Construction Loans for Your New Hotel

Buying an existing hotel or building one from the ground up can be an exercise in advanced logistics. Figuring our what equipment needs to be acquired, the number of staff, supplies, inventory, etc. – all while remaining within budget guidelines,... Read More

4 Financing Options for Multifamily Investments

With the single family rental market saturated, many commercial real estate investors are shifting their gaze to multifamily investments. After all, multiple units means more revenue, and more people are looking for multifamily rentals because of their convenient locations to... Read More