Finding the right financing for commercial real estate investments can be challenging, to say the least. Most bank loans will not work with independent investors, and the requirements on traditional bank loans are often very restrictive, leaving many people dipping into personal savings and maxing out credit cards to get the CRE investments they want. However, the world of commercial finance offers a number of financing options, such a using small business loans, to commercial real estate investors for purchasing and renovating properties.

SBA Loans for CRE Investments

The Small Business Administration (SBA) has a number of small business loans designed specifically for purchasing commercial real estate. Investors can use these loans to purchase properties to sell, or to rent out to other businesses and organizations. SBA loan programs can be used for everything from purchasing commercial real estate to developing land, and construction. These small business loans are usually used for real estate opportunities such as shopping centers, gas stations, hotels, multifamilty rental buildings, and even owner-occupied properties. While applying for SBA loans through conventional methods can take a while to process, finding a commercial lender who has been designated as a “Preferred Financial Services Company” by the SBA can get these small business loans processed very quickly at highly competitive rates, which is ideal for time-sensitive CRE opportunities.

Commercial Small Business Loans

Commercial small business loans offer much more customization than traditional bank loans. Commercial lenders work with CRE investors to understand the type of property being purchased, as well as the scope of any renovations or construction needed to prepare the property for selling or renting. Commercial small business loans can finance property acquisitions, large construction projects, land development, real estate purchases for franchises and hotels, hospitals, or any other type of commercial real estate investment. The trick with commercial small business loans is finding a lender with the monetary resources to cover a wide range of CRE projects.

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