Many people dream of the financial independence that owning a small business can offer. However, that dream is often put on hold indefinitely because while independence and high profits are wonderful, there is the fear of performing without a safety net that keeps people from taking the plunge. Owning a franchise is a great way to have both the independence of owning your own business, while having the support and guidance to keep you on the path to success.

It’s not all about burgers and fries

The franchise has grown up and expanded from the stereotypical idea of a fast food joint. Today, franchise owners can run businesses in the fields of fitness, pet care, vacation planning, electronic gadgets, and so much more. If you have an interest in something, the odds are pretty good that there is a franchise out there that will let you make money while doing things you love.

A franchise for every budget

Some franchises require physical locations, licenses, certifications, and can run anywhere from multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars into the millions. Others only cost an entry fee of a few thousand, and can be run online or out of a home office. In most cases, the profit potential scales to the entry fee, but there are some franchises that have a very high yield compared to the initial cost, and the ability to expand and cover an entire region. Shop around. Whatever your budget, there is an affordable and lucrative franchise opportunity out there for you.

Training and support

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages to owning a franchise is the support and training offered by the parent company. Everything from accounting, best practices, established relationships with vendors, advertising, hiring personnel, and more are covered in thorough training courses. Additionally, franchise owners can always reach out to the franchisor or other peers to help get past any unforeseen issues that arise along the way.

No more stumbling around in the dark

At one tome or another, most entrepreneurs find themselves wondering how to handle various situations – like how to approach lenders for financing, the type of financing to get, what the markup on goods and services should be to remain competitive, etc. Franchise operations are completely streamlined, and are about as “turn key” as a business can get. Franchise companies have figured out the various financial formulas, campaign strategies, and operating procedures to take all of the guesswork out of owning a business. This also removes the steps between the franchise owner and profits, which makes franchises all the more attractive option for emerging entrepreneurs.

No matter what your interest or investment budget, there are franchises out there – waiting to give you the training and guidance you need to achieve financial independence.