When you first graduate from college, you could well be full of vigor and enthusiasm for the road that lies ahead of you. Even if you’re not a business student, you might still be considering a variety of businesses to run when you’re out of school. Many ventures are perfect for those who are fresh out of college. You may want to plan on a smaller scale, at least until you have time to explore the world of business from an insider’s perspective. Here are several small businesses for college grads who are anxious to get started as business owners.

Writing, Organizing, and Consulting

These are three small businesses for college grads that don’t require much money to get off the ground. You could become a freelance writer by using only a laptop. If you’re great at staying organized, you could pass that talent along for a fee. If you know much about a particular topic, or if you worked in a certain industry to pay your way through college, you might put that knowledge to use by offering your services as a consultant.

Personal Decorator, Assistant, Trainer, Shopper, or Errand-Runner

Countless busy individuals require the services of others in order to keep their lives organized and running smoothly. These people are the perfect clients for small businesses for college grads. If you’re especially adept at shopping or decorating, you could start a business as a personal shopper or decorator. You might consider taking a course to become certified as a personal fitness trainer. If you enjoy doing tasks for yourself or others, then starting a business as a personal assistant or errand-runner could be a viable plan for you.

Massage Therapy, Dog Grooming, Cosmetology, Makeup Artist, or Personal Chef

You don’t need to be focused on an entrepreneurial career to consider small businesses for college grads. You can apply the knowledge and training that you paid for in college to start a business immediately. Whether you went to school to become a cosmetologist, massage therapist or a personal chef, you don’t have to wait for a company to hire you at their facility – just start your own business! If you enjoy grooming dogs or applying makeup, you might make a living by creating a business that offers such a service.

You have a world of possibilities open to you when you graduate. Any of numerous small businesses for college grads could be ideal options for you. Be sure to apply your talents and recent education to your new business, and you may find yourself experiencing success sooner than you expected.