Although we are known as the place to go when you have been denied, did you know that 70% OF THOSE DENIED LOANS END UP WITH GOOD CONVENTIONAL RATES? That’s right, most of our loans end up getting the same types of rates that they were going to get at the bank that denied them!

Just this week I got approval for one client at 3.875% on a 5 year fixed. Another client, one that local banks were denying because he lived in a different state than the retail property he was buying, got an approval at 4.25% on a 5 year fixed with NO PRE-PAYMENT PENALTY! These were loans that got DENIED elsewhere, and they came to us and these are the rates we are getting them. It is not just investor deals….I quoted one client on an SBA loan a 4.625% interest rate on a 10 year fixed! We have GREAT rates!

So keep us in mind for all your investor, SBA and private money loans. When the banks say NO….We say YES and with GREAT RATES AS WELL! Call us today to see what we can do for you…..the call is free and so is the quote! Call today!