Applying for small business loans can be hard, but getting approved for one can make all the difference when it comes to getting your business’s development where it needs to be. However, even the best owner can run into red tape and other complications throughout the application process that causes banks to deny them the funds they so need. The next time you sit down to fill out an application for these all-important loans, watch out for these issues that could be keeping your cash out of reach:

Poor Credit History

No business is expected to have a pristine credit history, but when it comes to applying for small business loans, this could get you rejected. Before turning in your application, make an attempt at improving your score a little to leave lenders with a good impression of how you handle your business finances.

Nonexistent Cash Flow

Needing a little extra cash shouldn’t mean that you have absolutely no cash on hand. Your business’s cash flow is one of the very first thing that banks will check when deciding whether or not to approve your application. If they find you unable to repay your loans, then the odds are that you won’t be receiving their assistance anytime soon.

Stagnant Development

Having no plans for the future is a surefire way of marking your business as a flop in the making. Show a little incentive and let bankers know where you plan to take your business in the years to come and describe how the loan will help you get there.

Unreal Expectations

While you should have some expectations, they must be tempered to realistic levels. Show that you understand how the business works when relating your plans to your banker.

Lack of Organization

Get all of the paperwork and information you need for the application process together before approaching your lender. Last-minute scrambles are never attractive, and can get your application dismissed in a heartbeat.

Being Apathetic

Don’t focus on how average your company is. You still need to be realistic in your expectations, but nothing’s less attractive to banks than a bleak outlook on your own company.

Taking on Too Much

You may have done your research, but this doesn’t make you a financial expert. Lenders will want to see that you’ve sought the advice of an experienced and knowledgeable source before asking for a loan of your own.

Each of these tips can help to make your application much more alluring to lenders across the boards and increase your chances of getting the small business loans you need to make your business work in the years to come.