Equipment financing involves using a lease or loan to borrow or buy assets for an organization. You can use this funding option to borrow or purchase physical assets like a business vehicle or restaurant oven. The assets you are buying will act as collateral, and the lender will repossess the asset when you default the payment. Read on to discern the ins and outs of equipment financing.


Entrepreneurs use this financing alternative when they need costly equipment but lack the money to purchase one upfront. What’s more, this type of funding will come in handy if you have to replace equipment due to its short lifespan frequently. Moreover, equipment advertising requires zero capital, and you can utilize the financed tool before you fully pay for it. Additionally, you will not use any collateral for the loan since your financed machine will act as the collateral. Equipment loans also have flexible payment schedules such as monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or yearly payments.


Lenders have different requirements for obtaining the equipment loan. Most lenders will examine your credit score before offering you equipment loans. It would be prudent to look up your credit score online if you are not sure. The lender will also require you to produce a business plan which explains your business activities. Ensure you include the annual revenue statement as well as profit and loss statements in the business plan. You should also include a statement of cash-flow in your proposal. These statements will assist your lender in determining your firm’s financial strength.

Where to Get It

The market is full of various options for receiving equipment financing. You can get equipment loans from sources such as conventional national lenders and specialized small online lenders. Conventional national lenders have strict underwriting requirements, but better terms and rates. They are ideal for established organizations with substantial assets and cash flow. Specialized web-based lenders have flexible underwriting requirements, but their terms and rates are less favorable. These lenders are the most compelling option for businesses or startups who lack asset and credit requirements of state lenders. Getting the ideal financing firm has a considerable impact on the future growth of your business. Therefore, you should take your time when looking for one. Since lenders are conducting due diligence on your business, you should do thorough research on them too.

You will need to put your business information that lenders require to optimize your available options and acquire an excellent financing option that suits your needs. This financing method is useful if equipment repairs are no longer an option. It is also the best option for preserving your capital since financed equipment acts collateral.