What makes the world’s most successful entrepreneurs different from the rest of humanity? It’s not talent, genius, or good luck. It’s self-motivation and persistence that truly make the difference. The following motivation tips cover seven key secrets that set serious self-starters apart from the rest of the pack.

Sense of Purpose

Successful entrepreneurs have a profound sense of their own destiny. They figure out exactly where they want to be, they determine how they’re going to get there, and refuse to let anyone stop them.

Motivation vs Self-Discipline

Self-starters understand that discipline will really only get you so far. Relying on willpower alone will exhaust you sooner or later, but the motivation that runs deep always sees you through.

Short-Term Goals

How do self-motivated entrepreneurs persevere when they have heavy workloads or massively important tasks on their agendas? They break larger, long-term goals down into smaller, short-term goals that are easier to manage. They not only know what they need to get done by the end of the month or the week,  but also by the end of each day.

Mental Preparedness

The best motivation tips stress the importance of being prepared for each day. Successful people know that how they start their day matters. Don’t linger in bed. Get up right away, and get started immediately on an ongoing routine that helps lock you into a “go get ‘em” mental state.

Aiming High

Ask any self-motivated entrepreneur how they keep pushing toward the finish line. They’ll stress the importance of not only setting goals, but shooting for the moon. Something happens to a person mentally when they pointedly set a goal and actively work toward it. That end result becomes a reality for them, meaning failure is not an option, period.

Ironclad Focus

Once a self-motivated entrepreneur sets a goal, it becomes their central focus. Everything they do becomes something that’s actively pushing them forward toward their destination. They keep their eyes locked on the prize and refuse to look away.

Self-Created Guidebook 

True self-starters aren’t just brave enough to make their own rules and write their own motivation tips to follow. They have an unparalleled ability to rise above the distractions, external pressures, and influences designed to get in their way. Successful people set their own standards, they set them high, and they ride the wave of motivation living that way creates. Try it for yourself. See just how big a difference a little determination really does make.