When you’re the head of a company that’s all about accomplishing big things, it’s not enough for a new hire to be well-trained and capable of doing what’s expected of them. They also need to be self-motivated, innovative, and creative. However, creativity definitely comes more easily to some than others. Here’s how you can help your new hires become experts at thinking outside the box.

Be Crystal Clear

No two people think exactly alike, so it’s important to clearly explain how you think and what you expect from a new hire right off the bat. Use patient direction and correction to guide the person in the right direction until they arrive where you need them to be.

Think More, Not Less

When correcting a new hire, focusing solely on what they’re doing wrong can be counterproductive. Instead, introduce new ideas, and suggest ways they can add to what they’re doing to make it more effective. When new hires are encouraged to think more, not less, innovative thinking styles have a chance to blossom.

Challenge Different Muscles

The key to unlocking a new hire’s ability to think outside the box lies in presenting them with different challenges to tackle. True innovation isn’t about doing just one thing the same way every time. Give your new hires opportunities to tackle different types of tasks so they can flex different creative muscles and polish multiple skills. 

See Mistakes as Opportunities

A healthy approach toward mistakes is critical when it comes to teaching a new hire to think in living color. No one likes dealing with mistakes, but if you’re too focused on not making them, you’re also blocking your creativity. Instead of stressing the avoidance of mistakes in the first place, teach team members to view mistakes as opportunities to learn, grow, and adapt.

Finetune Your Feedback

When giving constructive feedback to a new hire, avoid jumping in, taking over, and telling them exactly how to solve the problem. Instead, try challenging them to look at the project from a different angle. Teach your new hires how to be self-motivated workers who solve problems, not simply follow directions.

Building a solid, productive team that knows how to cultivate real solutions means being the type of boss who nurtures creativity. Start looking for opportunities to do this in regards to your new team members. Be patient with them throughout every step of the process. It won’t be long before you’re working with your dream team.